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Thread: Cobalt & Pi

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    Cobalt & Pi

    Pi joined our family last week! So we've had Cobalt for 3-1/2 months now. He's tame and starting to talk & mimic whistles. He adores bells and will bob around them saying "gimme kiss." He's about done with the first big molt and lost his baby bars. But we've planned since the beginning to get him a friend, and the kids finally chose one. Pi & Cobalt haven't seen each other because Pi is quarantined in a separate room but they sometimes tweet across the house. We've gotten him to eat millet from our hands but he's still getting used to everything and hasn't played or chirped much. He's kind of silly with some things, like he will climb right into his seed dish to eat. We even put the plastic shield lid on it and he still gets inside. Also he keeps trying to drop vertically from one perch to the one below where they cross, but he can't quite reach so he ends up flapping his wings and scrambling until he's gone full circle around the perch he's on. Then he does the same thing again! Anyway we're having fun with him so far.
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