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Thread: Dark factors

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    Dark factors

    As I understand it, dark factors are semi-dominant and if one of the parents has it then the babies will be visual to it. I just had a clutch where one has a single dark factor and the other has a double dark factor. Both parents have a single dark factor. Wouldn’t all the offspring be double dark factor given the aforementioned?

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    Re: Dark factors

    No such thing as Semi Dominant.

    DARK is Autosomal Incomplete Dominant. That means it requires a factor from each parent to display the complete mutation. A single factor displays a partial progression towards the complete mutation.

    Each baby has a 50/50 chance of inheriting one of it's parents factors. So in a pairing with two single factored birds, the mutation would produce a clutch of:

    25% 0 Dark Factors
    25% 2 Dark Factors
    50% 1 Dark Factors

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