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Thread: Hello, returning member

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    Hello, returning member

    The birds keep coming and going in this house.

    First we had Hank, a bully of a cockatiel that ended up afraid of his shadow. But he was a valued member of the family. He would greet us when we came home and ride our shoulders. He got loose and was attacked by larger birds in our farming area. It was a hard time for us.

    A couple of years later we ended up with Buddy. We think she was a female but she was injured. Her previous owner was elderly and did not have the energy to help her recover. We worked with her daily to strengthen her leg and foot enough to perch. She still had to drag the foot to move around. She took it very badly when my husband passed away. She screamed for days and then suddenly attached to me. When I had to go back to work it was difficult. She died suddenly on a night that I was so tired from work that I couldn't even tell that she was not well.

    Now we have ended up rescuing two birds. A cockatiel, whom we have refrained from naming. I'm sure he had a name. And a ring-neck dove. My brother-in-law passed away leaving four birds which I promised to find homes for. I gladly agreed because they were feeding the birds hen scratch and each time I went out there the water dishes were bone dry. I only visited him once a week. I was able to take the dove and cockatiel within days of my brother-in-law's death but was banned from taking the two pigeons. Sadly they are in the care of the people that should have been helping look after them before.
    As soon as we got the cockatiel and dove here they started thriving. Attention, food and clean water daily. We have 4 adults working different hours so there is always someone here. The dove started laying eggs and the cockatiel likes to tell us stories. We got a larger cage for them with plenty of perches and different surfaces.

    Well that is about it in the bird area of my life.

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    Re: Hello, returning member

    Welcome back to the forum. I come and go around here lots lately but do return it least every few weeks or so. I am sorry about your brother in laws death but happy you stepped in and took the two birds and are now taking care of them. No doubt they are going to thrive and live a good life with you compared to what they had with your brother in law. Its sad how people get birds and then just put them in a cage and leave them there. It hurts my heart to see this but it is always good to know these birds can find people like you who come in a finally give them a good life they deserve. Thanks for helping them and hopefully they will now be happy, healthy and tell you all kinds of awesome stories...
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Hello, returning member

    Hi, and welcome back to you and your flock.

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    Re: Hello, returning member

    Hey there and welcome back!!
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