We have had our Macaw for over a year now and weaned him ourselves. Our family is extremely fond of our macaw and we are very comfortable and close with him. However we have run into a few issues. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We give him around 3 hours of quality time a day at least. He almost always has someone in the room with him and is never in his cage, but rather on an open stand. The issue comes when we leave the room and he is by himself. He isn't afraid, but he's almost offended when we leave. Sometimes we will bring him with us and all he wants to do is go back to his stand. When he seems occupied and is playing with his toys if someone leaves he demands that they come back to watch him. We have tried spending less time with him or leaving him along for longer periods to see if it was more of a matter of being used to that amount of attention, but he just seemed more upset during those times. Recently it doesn't matter how long we spend with him he just always seems upset. He never wants to cuddle or just kinda sit with us, he only wants to rough house and chew on our hands( He is usually pretty soft unless he gets really riled up). He is just a handful. Training him has become an issue as well. I'll take him into a separate room where he can't see any of his toys or food or anyone else but me, but he refuses to do anything I ask him to. He knows what I'm asking as well, because he does whatever it is I ask him to and them nips me.

A few things we have tried is getting him new toys because we wondered if he was bored, but it only seemed to help for a short while. We have tried teaching him to do short flights to see if he needs more exercise to wear him out or something, but he hates that. He also has a huge problem with people outside of our family and is just aggressive towards new people even though none of them have ever been mean to him and always feed him fun treats when they see him.Any information would be greatly appreciated. I know this is a lot so thank you for taking the time to read this as well.