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Thread: Canary hen and laying eggs

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    Canary hen and laying eggs


    (Before anything, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere so it's Spring here til the end of December. )
    I'll give a little background about her!
    This April a little yellow lady plopped onto our backyard. We didn't find any owner, so we took her into our family.

    We offer a seed mix (searched for good brands, this one have some crushed oyster shells in the mix) leaves almost everyday (collard greens mostly), boiled egg once a week and then the other days a little piece of a single vegetable (scarlet eggplant, broccoli, banana, papaya, apple, cucumber).

    This October she decided to lay eggs. We read about it and decided to give her a nest and fake eggs so she could be comfortable and go with her cycle. She laid 5, then sat on the fake ones for exactly 14 days and then abandoned the nest.
    Now she started laying again... Egg number 5 came today (one per day), and she's behaving as she's about to lay another one (eating and drinking tons up to the minute we tell her "goodnight")

    We are getting a little uncomfortable with the idea of her laying more eggs as we fear for her health even tho she's doing fine and we suppose we're giving her a decent diet.
    If something go awry there's no easy access to an avian vet here or nearby.

    I've read posts here about "tailing" the bird so she can go into molting. I'm tempted on doing it if she doesn't stop laying soon, but I would like more details about the procedure, since having canaries is absolutely new for me.

    • So I do it at any point? Like if in 5 days she doesn't stop laying I just grab her one morning and done?
    • Is it important to be at a certain point of Spring to do it? Is now too early?
    • What should I do with the nest and fake eggs after? Should I let her decide what to do with it or just remove it all?
    • What improvements should be done with her diet during this time and the molt? Is liquid calcium +D3 absolutely needed?

    Thank you for the help and patience!

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    Re: Canary hen and laying eggs

    I have not been on here for a very long time so I apologize I just saw this.

    She will lay as she would normally which means multiple clutch's of eggs anyway, meaning not just one. Sometimes this may even be 3. Make sure she has calcium w/D3 yes. She needs that above all else.

    Keep taking the eggs out and placing the fake ones in.

    The main thing to stop her is the amount of light she gets, meaning duration. When the sun/day light gets to 15-16 hours it triggers the birds to stop laying. The sun/day light then starts to decrease naturally. This is what triggers birds to molt. If you raise the light up over a period of a few weeks and then cut it back it will trigger her to stop laying and start molting. Olden days we used to even cover windows to create the right amount. Cut her to 12 then 11 and she will stop laying and start the molt.

    Now tailing a bird is a something sued when they are stuck. It does work, but try the natural approach I mentioned first and leave the tailing as a last result. Also, so it is said, tailing or the pulling out of all of her tail feathers doesn't hurt them. Actually if in the wild a predator were to try and grab her for dinner, she would release her tail feathers to get away and the predator would be left with just a mouth full of feathers. Anyone who has had canaries and tried to grab them to trim their toe nails has had this same thing happen to them. Bird gets away and you're standing there with a fist full of feathers and no bird. They still can fly fine.

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