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Thread: Weaning a cockatiel

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    Weaning a cockatiel

    Hi guys, i have 8 weeks old female (i guess) cockatiel. So i want to start weaning her so she can eat by herself. I was offering her solid food for a week now. She tries to eat for 5 min but she gave up then ask for the formula. And it's only when i offer her the food. Even if i put all the food in the cage she doesn't pay attention to it. And she hate to stay in the cage she keeps trying to get out (i get scared if she get hurt so i just keep her out and keep a plate
    outside too). But i think it is time to start eating by herself. And I need some help, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Ps : this is my first and only bird.

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    Re: Weaning a cockatiel

    Hi, and welcome. The majority of breeders or wholesale sellers never sell their babies until they are at least 12 weeks old. Your baby is acting very typical for an 8 week old cockatiel. He or she was taken from her parents way too early. You will need to keep up with the formula for at least another 2-3 weeks minimum. Keep adding some seeds to her formula, on occasion but feed formula only. Feed her at least three times a day. Morning, noon, and early evening. Cover her cage with a lightweight blanket or throw, 3 sides with front open in daytime, and the front side as well at night.

    Do a youtube research for feeding baby cockatiels. And also search the web for info on hand feeding.

    If you got him or her from a breeder, I strongly suggest you take him back there, so he can be with parents for 4 more weeks, and then have the breeder call you to pick him up.
    You should be able to go visit him as well.

    Give him plenty of attention, and also hand socialize him, because human touch will make him feel secure. And further, I suggest a smaller cage for him for a few weeks until he is weaned completely and is perching well, and eating his seed diet. I suggest giving him some millet seeds now as well. You can add a few to his formula.

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