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Thread: Any idea if my mutation calculations are correct?

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    Any idea if my mutation calculations are correct?

    Simplified: Basically I just want to know if, when breeding, I can treat a sea-green mutation the same way I would a blue series and possibly get a “pallid sea-green” or a Creamino using a sea-green.

    Male + Female =

    Aqua + turquoise = sea-green males and females
    Pallid + Sea-green = green (split sea-green pallid) males & pallid (split sea-green) females
    Pallid + pallid (split sea-green) = pallid (split sea-green) half of males and females & pallid other half of males and females
    Pallid (split sea-green) + sea-green = pallid sea green half of females
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    Re: Any idea if my mutation calculations are correct?

    Hello Madeline, it's possible but it can take a lot of time as sea-green is a combination of 2 mutations.

    All your pairing are correct except the last where you can also have green split to turquoise and pallid.
    I suggest you this calculatir : http://www.gencalc.com/gen/eng_genc.php?sp=0LBpeach

    It is very helpful if you're not at ease with combination of mutation.

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