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Thread: I Need Help Identifying The *True-Gender* Of My 2 Budgie's!?

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    Question I Need Help Identifying The *True-Gender* Of My 2 Budgie's!?

    I am the proud owner of 2 Very Beautiful Young Parakeet's! They Really are just the Sweetest/Cutest little Birdies Ever!! My OnLy Problem is.. That I recently discovered that the Pet Store we actually bought them from... Actually lied to us about the Gender of My Budgie's!! & Since I was under the impression that my now 2yr. Old Sky Blue/White Budgie Named *CoCo* was in Fact, Sold to me as being "A MaLe"!! & My Other 2yr. Old Bright Yellow/Green Budgie Named *Lilly* was In Fact The Female!! But.. In Lieu Of Recent Events that have Occured Over the Last 4 days have indeed lead me to Suspect Otherwise... & That is only because I witnessed first-hand My Blue/White Bird Lay An Egg! *In Fact over these past 4 days she has now laid a total of 3 in All* I don't believe she is done laying the entire clutch yet though! We decided to move her over to her own cage just until this process is complete, So that she is as Calm & Happy as possible, With the lowest amount of Stress put onto her during all of this! My concern though is... Can someone PLEASE Help Me 100% identify if my Other Yellow/Green Budgie is actually a Male Bird or not & if he Could have Actually Fertilized the Eggs or not? Especially since I know that there doesn't have to be a MaLe actually present for a Female Budgie to lay her Eggs! So Naturally I am Very Nervous/Excited in finding out if I will have a real **** at seeing little chickies hatch soon or not! Also, If my other bird is in fact a Male, What Is The BEST Tips for Candeling an Egg too find out if it is Fertilized or Not..??! I will Add a Bunch of Pictures of my 2 Birds into my Album Folder That'll Include a Ton of Really Good Close Up Shots of Both Of My Birds & Their Cere's! Again.. Please Note that My Blue Parakeet is in the Middle of Still Laying her Eggs at this time, So that will No DoubT Affect her Cere coloration! & of course Also... The same goes for my Other Yellow Budgie for the simple fact, That If he is a Male.. Then he will No Doubt have had a change in his coloration as well since she is in the middle of Laying her Eggs right beside him (& Could Very Well Actually be the Father of the Eggs *FINGERS CROSSED that they are InDeeD Fertilized!*) I Would Really Really Appreciate it, If Any One At ALL Could Just Please HeLp Me Out, In Correctly Identifying the Gender of My Budgie's For Me That Would Be A HUGE HELP!!! Thank You In Advance!! ♡ E.M.A

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    Re: I Need Help Identifying The *True-Gender* Of My 2 Budgie's!?

    Hi, Erica, and welcome to the community. First of all congrats on having such sweet budgies. Have you ever seen the two of them mating? Do they get along well together? Did you put a nest box in the cage? If you do have two females, sometimes they do not get along well together, and the other female could break or mess with the eggs, so on a sign of caution, I would suggest you get a nest box, if you don't have one, and put mom in her own cage and the other budgie in its own cage for now. This way, the eggs will be safe, and if fertilized will hatch. A female will no allow the male into the nest box, until the first egg hatches so putting the other one in its own cage should not upset the mom who has the eggs now.

    I did not find the pics you mentioned you had posted. If you can post some, I will take a good look at their ceres. You can candle the eggs anyway, if you wish too. I would wait ten days after they are laid before doing so.

    You could go online and search for....budgie sex kits. They send you a kit and then you take a few feathers in certain areas of the body. Return the kit, and they will send you the result. You would only need the one kit. I do not know the cost. You also could have an avian vet do one, but that may be quite pricey.

    I don't think the seller purposely sold you the two as a pair. It is difficult to sex baby budgies without a sex kit or having a vet do the test. Please update us whenever you can. We will assist you in any way we can! Further, male ceres always remain blue in color. Whereas females turn from an ivory color to a toasty brown color when they are in hormones and ready to lay eggs. You take a pen light flashlight, hold the egg up to the light. And then look to see if there are tiny red veins inside the eggs. If there are, then the eggs are fertile and were fertilized by the male. If there are none, then the eggs are not fertilized, but....that does not necessarily mean the other bird is a female. If the cere is blue, then it is a male, and he is the daddy. When budgies first mate, sometimes the eggs are not fertile. So, if the eggs were not fertile when you looked at them, do not throw them away. Allow the hen to have them for 25 days, then you can discard them. And watch the pair once again to see if they mate and the hen lays eggs.
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