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Thread: HELP! To Reunite or not...

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    HELP! To Reunite or not...

    Hi bit of odd one here , Its a bit of a dear Jane ....please bear with me.
    I had pet cockatiel (Molly) for 11 years. I got him (he was apparently a she when i got him.... found out through unsavoury behavior that she was indeed a he!) when he was only a few months old and we became best mates. Unfortunately two years ago i had to go overseas indefinitely and sadly had to rehome molly as i just didn't think h would survive the long haul flight between Ireland and New Zealand. Two years have past and after crippling lock downs and so on due to covid we decided to give up on Ireland the return back to the promised land of NZ where we could get our lives back.

    So back to Molly!

    He is happily living with his new mom friend who has kindly offered for me to go visit him but is a little concerned it might mess him up and undo all the hard work of settling into a new home. I have the exact same concerns and reluctantly declined as i just don't mess with the poor little guys head, although i would love to go see him and pet him and whistle and hang out. i know he would remember me as i had to leave him with friend for other over seas trips in the past and he always went crazy for me when i came home.
    So am i just projecting here, would it fill him when joy then depress him when i left or would he be like oh your back lets hang out and then be like see ya when i see ya ...ok projecting again.

    any bird shrinks out there ? whats your thoughts?....i just want to do the best for him even if it means staying away.

    Thank you for any advice in advance.

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    Re: HELP! To Reunite or not...

    Hi, and welcome to the community. I fully understand your thoughts about Molly. Did he adjust well in his new home? I do know cockatiels do form a strong bond with their caregivers. And, since you had him for so long, it may possibly cause him to want to be with you, and upset him when you leave there after visiting him.

    Here is an idea. Set up a Skype on your electronic device, preferably a tablet computer of at least 10-12 inches, or a laptop computer of about 14-21 inches. Then set a time for you and his caregiver and the two of you can talk to Molly, and to each other. See how a visit like that would go. In my view it is worth a try. At last you will get to see him. It will be interesting to see how he reacts.


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