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Thread: Tyrion is A YEAR OLD

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    Tyrion is A YEAR OLD

    Tyrion has just passed the 1 year mark!.
    She is definitely a girl. Her tail feathers have molted and the new ones still have the barding. and She has started the chicken dance when my daughter whistles at her.
    She seems to have decided that my daughter will be her mate, even though we have repeatedly told her that this just won't work out. It seems she's a bit stubborn, and I'm not sure where she got that from ;-).

    Tyrion is very much a foodie. if there is food around she considers it hers and does not care if it means she's in the middle of your plate to get to the food. Her sense of personal space does not exist.

    WE now have a new cat in the house and are training him to try and ignore the little temptress. Tyrion does not help in this endeavor, as she has decided that it is great fun to dive-bomb poor Po and get him into trouble. But, boundaries are starting to be established, and Po is grasping the idea that the little bundle of floating feathers is not a snack or play toy.

    Overall she is doing well. loves to play with her toys, get scritches, and steal whatever food she thinks should be hers.

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    Re: Tyrion is A YEAR OLD

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Tyrion!! That year sure flew by fast! Most cockatiels do choose a person to be his or her mate, and I am pretty sure your daughter is Tyrion's preference. And, do not be surprised if one day, Tyrion lays an egg or a clutch of eggs, because the female totally loves the chosen person, in this case, your daughter, and laying eggs is showing her love for your daughter\mate.

    I once had a female who loved me, and she had a regular ritual she planned out before she laid her eggs. Ollie became a chronic egg layer, meaning, she laid eggs about every 3-4 weeks. Egg laying is very stressful for them. Now that Tyrion is a year old, eggs could be laid, so be sure to give her plenty of cuttlebone and fresh green veggies. The dive bombing usually means an uptake in hormones. If she does lay eggs, do not give her a nestbox, because she will lay eggs too often. Instead, put her eggs on a folded piece of paper towel, and let her have them and set on them for about 23-25 days, and then discard them. Or, when she no longer shows interest in them, discard them. If you throw them away before she gets to nest with them, she will immediately lay more to replace them, and you do not want that to happen. Nestboxes encourage hens to lay eggs.

    Also, give her scritches, and head rubs, but do not touch her body and underwings. Touching causes hormones. Give her at least 11 hours of sleep a night, and do not feed soft or cooked foods. Both encourage egg laying. And, give her at least 11 hours of sleep a night. And do not feed soft or cooked foods.

    And, congrats on your new kitty cat, Po. We will welcome your updates anytime!
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    Re: Tyrion is A YEAR OLD

    Happy Birthday to little Tyrion!! She sounds like a great bird who has a great life with you. It is funny how they all love to do the chicken dance to the people they love the most. Tikki here will get very hormonal and all of us who are not his mate need to watch out because he is vicious to everyone except my daughter. He spends lots of time in his cage when he is hormonal because of his attacks.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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