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Thread: Baby Cockatiel broken/missing tail?! affect fledgling?

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    Baby Cockatiel broken/missing tail?! affect fledgling?

    Hello everyone, I am a new mama to 5.5 mo. old budgie -Eggnog and will soon-to-be baby cockatiel's (4.5 mo. old male) as well. May be able to bring him home soon after 3 months wait... I am truly excited!

    I have been visiting him at this specialty bird store while he is being hand raised/weaned/DNA sexed, every 2-3 weeks keeping up with his progress... but yesterday, when I went to see him, I was surprised to see that all his tail feathers are weirdly missing or broken off? He has been growing up with 4 other babies, some siblings in this regular cage, seems calm and content playing/preening with his brothers/sisters, eating pellets on his own well now when I visited this last time... since I got there at the end of store closing time, the store owner had already left, so I am not really sure what really happened. The staff there though, just said "sometimes babies like to chew other's tails..." Really? All the other babies had beautiful long tails, only my poor baby is now looking rather sad w scruffy ends to his once beautiful tails... I am starting to worry. Is this a sign he is being picked on? or is this something else I should be concerned about?

    I wished I had taken a picture this time to show you, but I was a bit distraught that the owner also left without saying a word about it as he is supposed to be ready to go home in a matter of days.

    Does anyone know, is this normal for baby to chew each other's tails off? Could this be inflicted because of other reasons? Should I be concerned or they will just grow right back out soon? I had also planned on asking the store owner not to clip my little guy before sending him home, so that he can use his full ability to learn how to fly in the next weeks and months while we bond in his new flock family... I am guessing the tail feathers are fairly critical parts of learning to fly, no?

    Would love to hear your experiences and suggestions as to what to do.

    Thank you!
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