Hi there. I bought two female zebra finches at the end of January this year. Due to some sad circumstances I now only have one finch and I'm having trouble finding another female for a new companion. I've not had zebra finches since I was a very young kid so I'd be grateful for some advice.

A couple of days ago I went out for an hour and a half (the birds were out of the cage in my living room while I was out) and when I came back one of them seemed more subdued. I had to call a few different vets to have someone see her because it was 7 o'clock at night and my exotic vet in a different town didn't have an exotic on duty in the evening and there are no exotic vets in my area. Unfortunately, after leaving her in an oxygen enclosure for an hour little Foxy did not improve so sadly she was put to sleep. It was likely my fault because I'd spilt a cup of coffee on the carpet and used a carpet stain spray to clean it up. I covered the area with a blanket but there may have been toxins in the air. My other finch is absolutely fine so the vet said there was also a possibility she'd sustained some kind of trauama. From now on any cleaning will be done with vinegar and/or baking soda.

I'm very worried about Wolf (the finch I still have) being on her own. The place I bought her from doesn't have any zebra finches left and the breeders I've contacted won't sell me a single hen because they pair them up male and female or have an abundance of males. I really don't want a male as I don't want babies. Thankfully, due to lockdown I'm working from home so I can be home with her.

If I can't find another zebra finch as a companion would it be OK to get a canary or another type of finch and could they be housed in the same cage? The cage I have is 80cmL x 45cmW x 75cmH and they will have lots of out of cage flight time. I actually do have a spare cage the same size so they could be housed separtely if needed but will the birds be OK with that? I was going to upload a picture of the cage but I don't know how to attach them. It seems like pictures need to be online and I don't know how to do that.

How long will it be OK for Wolf to be without another bird until I can find her a friend? I don't want her to suffer so I would consider finding her a new home rather make her than live on her own.