Im currently in an exhausting battle trying to stop rats getting into my two aviaries. I have budgies in one and canaries in the other, both have had casualties this year from the pesky rats and now i have nests in both the attempts at breakins have increased. So far ive laid humane traps (not so worried about the humane bit by now), laid wire along the floor of both aviaries and covered over with soil and stones. Laid slabs in one, planted peppermint and sprinkled peppermint oil around. I have a dog that eats everything so im not keen on poison unless i can dog proof it.

Its the first year we have had issues with rats and im not sure if its linked to next door getting some chickens (although they are kept impeccably tidy). Im at my whits end especially as i now have nests being built and eggs. Any tips that anyone else has found work would be great.