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Thread: 2 months old lovebird

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    Unhappy 2 months old lovebird

    Hey there! Hope everyone is doing well and healthy!
    I got a 2 months old peach-faced lovebird on 15 April. Her name is Frooty (I dont know her gender but prefer addressing her as a girl lol). For the first 2 days she was inside her cage and I let her get used to the new home. Later, I got her out and let her roam. After some days I changed her diet and used seeds as treats. So then she steps up when I offer her treats. She is quite playful and active. Steps up, climbs on my lap, all for treats :P
    But since today morning, she seems to be in a sad dull mood. Not willing to come to me or even step up when I offer her treats. In fact, she kind of scoots away from me. She was all playful and happy interactive till last night. Her food instake and poop seems good, aka she doesnt seem sick.
    I already have 2 more lovebirds (Sprite (assumed male) and Coco (assumed female) 1.5 years old; Opaline lovebirds)
    She also bit me a few times 2 days back while I was fixing her cage. And, she was way too attracted to Sprite and Coco today when I got her out, she just wouldn't come to me. But I dont keep her with them cause Coco tends to be aggressive towards Frooty and bites her. Sprite and Coco aren;t tamed. I got Frooty to tame and train her, to have a birdie buddy :P

    So yeah, I'm just a little worried with her sudden behaviour change. Any clue?

    Stay safe xx

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    Re: 2 months old lovebird

    Hi, and welcome to the community. And congrats on bringing home Frooty. What diet do you feed? Do you feed pellets and seeds, or seeds only. Does she sleep covered or uncovered at night. Do you run an air conditioner as yet?

    I would suggest if you do feed pellets, always mix seeds with them. 80% seed to 20% pellets. Also, provide plenty of water if she is eating pellets. They are very dry foods, and the birds need to drink plenty of water when eating them.

    Watch her carefully each day. Sleeping alot, all puffed up, not eating or drinking, loose droppings, lethargy, and listlessness are symptoms of possible bacterial infection or other illness, of some kind. I recommend covering your birds at night with a light weight blanket or sheet, with front side of the cage open, or half way open. If you do have air conditioning running, do the same in the daytime with the front side open, and all three other sides And leave a night light on for them.

    You might also consider taking her to an avian vet for a wellness check.. All caged birds hide their illnesses cleverly. I hope this info is of help to you.
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    Re: 2 months old lovebird

    It is possible she just had a bad night and didnt sleep well and today she is just not feeling like doing anything. Keep a close eye on her and if she doesnt perk up or seems to be getting worse I would take her to a vet to get her checked out. I know sometimes Tikki and even Boomer use to have bad nights where they would wake up and not want to do anything but sleep. This happened more when they were getting ready to molt. If she doesnt seem to perk up or you think she might be even getting worse dont hesitate to take her to the vet office to be checked out.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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