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Thread: Male lovebird mated 2 females at once??? Help!

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    Male lovebird mated 2 females at once??? Help!

    Help!! I've just rescued a female lovebird recently (I wasn't sure her gender at the time, now I definitely know she's a female) and my male lovebird is already bonded with another female (she's literally laying an egg a day right now!) and when I let them all fly around my room, my male and the loner female just started mating for 13 minutes!! I literally timed it and they mated for 13 minutes!! I wasn't sure if I should have kicked him off or interfered so I just stepped back and went onto my bed.. The loner female is very broody and has been building a nest in the temporary nest box I gave her to sleep in as she was very scared of her new environment. Surely he can't raise TWO clutches at once?? I was planning on rehoming the loner female (I had someone planned to pick her up today!!) but since he mated with her today (and especially for that long), doesn't that mean she will have fertilized eggs, therefore eventually she'll have to lay them, and since she's being rehomed, she'll be the only one to raise the chicks? What should I do!! Do I still give her away or leave her with me and the male that mated with her to raise her future chicks?

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    Re: Male lovebird mated 2 females at once??? Help!

    Yikes, I wonder what you should do as well. I am hoping Ellen or someone else else here who dealt with babies will answer this question. If the male can actually feed both sets of babies this will be amazing or maybe the moms can step in and help him out. We will see what others here have to say.
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    Re: Male lovebird mated 2 females at once??? Help!

    Hi, and welcome! In the wild it is very common for males to mate with several females. Not long ago, I read of a male budgie mating with 9 females. You will need two nest boxes. I also would separate the females into two separate cages, put a nest box in each cage, and then allow the male to spend part of the day in each cage. You have to separate the females, because they are very protective of their nest, and their eggs.

    When and if the two clutches of eggs hatch, again, allow male to be with one female part of the day, and the other female the rest of the day.

    In the meantime, I suggest, you go online and learn all you can about handfeeding the babies of both females, because dad may not be able to keep up with two clutches and mom, if she has several eggs hatch, will need some help handfeeding the babies. Also go to YouTube and search for handfeeding baby lovebirds. There are great videos there.

    You will enjoy learning all about handfeeding, and once the babies have crawled out of the nest box, and can perch and eat seeds, then you can decide if you want the mom to be rehomed alone, or with her babies, and decide how many she will take with her, if any.

    Once the babies are able to live alone in a cage, females just get back to mating again and again, so they really don't miss their young like we humans would miss our human babies. It is Mother Nature at work in all birds. I would keep the female for about six weeks or so before rehoming her.
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