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Thread: Can we talk about caiques?

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    Can we talk about caiques?

    My boyfriend and I have moved out of an apartment and into a house. Yay! Starlight is doing wonderful here; she's so happy to be near a big window with blinds that open to a reveal a natural and bird-filled yard. She converses with them every morning and seems to be overall much happier!

    Now, once we get a bit more settled, we're planning to put in an application to adopt a caique from our local parrot rescue. I've always wanted to own a larger parrot, especially a caique, because of how vibrant and hilarious they're described to be. I showed my boyfriend a video of and unloaded my info-dump about them, and he's since become extremely interested in purchasing one. He began asked me about how to obtain one and what we'd need, and even found an amazing bird cage online that's huge and (somehow) in budget! I'm pretty aware of the care necessary for larger parrots, which has prevented me from adopting one in the past, but now I'll probably be able to stay home, and thus be able to spend time caring for the bird. Is there anyone on this forum who has experience with caiques that you'd like to share, as well as any advice, warnings, much-needed info, or even just cool stories?

    Also, we do plan to socialize Starlight and the caique, and would also like advice on the best way to do this, if it is a good idea at all, because I've heard caiques can become aggressive or even homicidal if they become jealous! D:

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    Re: Can we talk about caiques?

    Hi, and welcome back. I hope you find the perfect friend for Starlight. Keep us posted.

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    Re: Can we talk about caiques?

    What kind of bird is Starlight?

    Caiques are awesome Birds.. They are the "clowns" of the parrot world. They are very active and I do know that they prefer walking over flying. The one I see at the local parrot store likes to hop and jump around on the corner. It's quite a character. I believe his name is Moe. Their little legs are very powerful and sometimes it looks like they kick box when the play. These birds need to be out of the cage 1 to 2 hours a day. You can teach them tricks, but they are not good talkers. I do know when I visit the local parrot store to pick up goodies for my fid, they have one that has a very high pitched shreek/shrill that will go right through you. I was told by the owner of the store, when they play, especially with other caigues, it looks like they are ready to kill each other, but they just play hard, it's all apart of their personalities.

    Personally, I would only socialize a caique with another caique because of their very playful behavior. I would be afraid that the caique may play too hard with Starlight.
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