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Thread: Male Budgie not feeding mother budgie

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    Male Budgie not feeding mother budgie

    I am worried about 3 baby budgies which are just 5-6 days old. Their mother alone is trying her best to feed them and looks exhausted sometimes. On the other hand male budgie is not helping her to feed their babies. He feeds her very little & tries to mate with her but mother budgie is hesitant. She is determined to feed her babies but the question is Can she do it in the same way for the next 30-40 day?
    Please suggest what to do?

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    Re: Male Budgie not feeding mother budgie

    Hi, and welcome. I would suggest you go to the pet shop and purchase a plastic syringe, and a can of baby bird powder formula, and then go on YouTube and search for feeding baby budgies. Then, about twice a day feed the babies. This will give them extra vitamins, and a good start.

    Mother Nature is marvelous, but the only draw back is that ALL birds always have mating on their mind!!

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