Hey guys, Iíve got these chicks that I canít take care of (Iím not a breeder or professional, but i let my lovebirds have chicks this one time)
Anyways Iíd like to sell them to earn back most of the money Iíve spent on my lovebirds ($200 cage, $50 food every couple of weeks, toys, etc etc). What prices would you put these chicks up for in a location like Canada? (So in CAD) Iíve posted them on Facebook and have been told their quite rare colours. I have five chicks and apparently their colours are: turquoise opaline, green pied, turquoise edge dilute, green opaline pied, and green opaline. I will add pictures of what they look like. Also they are all friendly and hand tame and all of them are very healthy and have very sweet personalities. I let the parents raise them but always took them out for several hours a day in increments throughout the day to get used to humans. Mom is a green opaline split to blue and dad is an aqua-turquoise split to opaline. (First 2 pics are them). Also feel free to correct me on any of the mutations Iíve listed! Iím just using information I was told by other lovebird breeders. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6ycbh849pq44s7x/AAAyQrG3FLXLyD4W4ApdWRpTa?dl=0