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Thread: going crazy trying to log in!

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    going crazy trying to log in!

    I signed up and logged in the first day- got it asll set up and then here we are a few days later and BOOM- it says I am not registered , then it says I am but I have the wrong password- PLEASE I beg you I have tried til I am blue in the face! Can someone PLEASE help me? My Username was supposed to be Niteldy - real name Teresa Dumas my email is 1 nanadumas@gmail - I have tried resetting password several times - I then tried to set up new account but used the same email and the forum caught that and said nope we have someone with that email. UGH!!!!!! help??? Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: going crazy trying to log in!

    Odd. I don't know what is going on. You're not banned, your account is still there.

    Have you tried a different browser?

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