Good morning, all!

Lou & Sam kicked their babies out of the nest box when Sobek was 6 1/2 weeks old, and Ra was 6 weeks old, then promptly laid a new egg. They showed no interest in the babies, even a little bit aggressive towards them. I took both babies out for their safety. Both of them are not even fully weaned- both of them still beg their parents for food and have no concept of the water bowl.

Sobek will eat some of the solid food but does not drink anything out of the water bowl.

Ra barely eats solid food nor drink water.

I tried hand-feeding them with a syringe, but they refuse it every single time. I'd let them taste the formula, and yet, they continue to refuse. I've tried perfecting the temperature with no luck. Ever since they were pulled out of the parents' cage, their crop is almost always nearly empty. Ra is progressively getting weaker. Sobek looks alright, but I am still worried. I read that force-feeding is dangerous.

What should I do????