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Thread: Looking for an active Board to discuss Cockatiels

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    Looking for an active Board to discuss Cockatiels

    How do I know I chose the right board to discuss cockatiels. I joined here and find activity, let's just say less then expected. (no offense)

    Any suggestion on forums truly focused on Cockatiels? Thanks!
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    Re: Looking for an active Board to discuss Cockatiels

    Hi Bob, Your right, the webpage used to be very active.. Then facebook and other social media sites came along and the activity on this page drastically declined. However, there is still a wealth of information on this page.

    In regards to finding other active forums in regards to cockatiels, your going to have to do some research and find which works for you. I don't think it would be right to post another forum on this page. There are many out there, how active they are, I can't say.. Many users have resorted to facebook.. Personally, I am not a fan of facebook, to many keyboard warriors, trolls and know it all's, IMHO..
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