Hi everyone, I've cross-posted this topic across a couple of forums for as much information as possible.

So, I want to suspend some ropes to be perches from the ceiling, as well as boing-boings and swings, in order to encourage my birds to fly and give them a safe landing place that isn't just the top of the cage, somewhere higher they can land on. I have seen so many beautiful pictures of bird rooms and I'm always shy about asking the details, so I am hoping someone here will point me in the right direction!

What kind of hooks do you recommend for putting into the ceiling? There ARE joists it can go into, and I will have a professional install them so that's not an issue. I just want the hooks to be as safe as possible. How do you suspend the ropes? How do you make them not move too much? Any tips or tricks when putting the ropes on?

For context, this will be for TWO COCKATIELS, so weight is going to be mostly based on the 90-110g range plus the rope weight. I need to factor their sticky beaks into the situation, but there will be an upper limit for bite strength/trying to pull the hooks out. I just want to ensure they don't catch their wings or bodies on any hooks.

I'm in the UK, so I will probably order my ropes from JungleGold or Scarlett's.

Many thanks for any help!