So we have Mr Rudy (Budgie) who has been up and down with his health for the past few months. Weve had a management plan from our local avian vet but unfortunately due to Covid 19 and lockdown restrictions in Australia we cannot take him.

His down hill descent goes as follows;

Day 1 - Excess feathers in bottom of cage, stool a little glistening (shiny), stool are dark green in colour as apposed to the usual Khaki colour.
Day 2 - Day 1 symptoms still present, still active but takes extra down time for naps, stool starts to present whole seed, random intervals of watery/clear stool, by the end of day 2 has less appetite.
Day 3 - Above symptom still present, day 3 mornings start extremely rough, first couple of hours unable to eat and dry heaving occurs when attempts to eat, appetite very minimal, only way to get him to eat is to give him singular seeds, as soon as bunch of seeds are presented to him it seems like the smell makes him dry heave, urates yellow in colour, stool is small and covered with layer of mucus like substance, sticky and shiny stool, by the end of day we continue to feed singular seeds and eventually the dry heaving disappears.

After day 3 he will gradually get better to the point of being able to eat on own and active again. This whole cycle is lasts roughly a fortnight. Throughout his weight will reach 40 grams then reduce during the rougher period to 35 grams. We observed he does pick at his breast region and towards his legs; almost as if something is irritating him in that area. Hes been seeing the vet for the last 6 months, however now the vet is closed due to Covid restrictions. Has anybody seem these symptoms in their budgie?