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Thread: Help with rehoming please :(

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    Help with rehoming please :(

    Hi everyone!

    Short story-
    I have 2 young tiels (4 years old and 2 years old) that I need to rehome but am having a hard time figuring out how to make sure they go to a good home with people who know how to care properly for birds. I am in Western NY.

    Long story-
    I adopted a young tiel 3 years ago- Kenai. We tried and tried but he remained scared of people and very unhappy- he used to live with his brother. So we got a second tiel- Maple, as a baby. She is absolutely people obsessed and wants nothing to do with Kenai. They basically avoid each other. I had cockatiels as a kid and loved it, but we are finding they no longer fit our lifestyle and I feel so badly about this. I have never rehomed a pet in my life. But I don't think they are happy. Our house echoes terribly- so they are kept in the living room we don't frequent, because otherwise their noise is truly ear piercing and we can't hear each other talk. We have 2 big dogs who would eat them in a heartbeat, and we spent 80% of our day outside. So they don't get out their cage much. The cage is HUGE and I buy them new toys all the time but Maple tries to get out every chance she gets and will bite when we try to put her back in. She absolutely wants to be on a person's shoulder 24 hours a day. And Kenai I think still really wants a bird companion.

    I would GREATLY appreciate any help with this. If anyone knows anyone in the area who would be happy to have them, I would gladly transport. I do not know of any rescues for birds in the area either, and not sure I would trust one. When we adopted our bird they basically asked if we had a big enough cage but that's all they asked (this was when we were living in Alaska). I don't want to give them to just anybody..

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    Re: Help with rehoming please :(

    I wish I could be of some help. I know you are not a fan of rescue's but have you contacted your local humane society or even a veterinarian's office for suggestions? I know you want to ensure that your birds will be going to a safe home, but I would think that the local humane society would do their due diligence before re-homing or even a vet's office would know how a client would care for their pets. As to the veterinarian, I would advise to make sure the office has someone that does practice avian care.
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