yo! I have owned my budgie for 5-6 yrs, over quarantine i was able to spend a lot more time than usual with him. Because of this I adopted a new budgie so he wouldn’t be lonely when I was back at school. I isolated them completely for the first week to allow the newer budgie (nyx) to become comfortable with her new surroundings. Nyx is most likely a female but can’t be 100% sure since she is still young. Just 3 days ago I moved their cages into the same room, and I'm having trouble figuring out what their behaviour means.

immediately when i put their cages together Nyx got very excited and wanted to meet Blue, but he is shyer and more reserved. On day 2 blue seemed more comfortable with Nyx and they were both VERY vocal, I couldn’t tell if these vocalizations were out of excitement or aggression. Today when I got back from school, Blue flew out of his cage while I was giving him fresh water. He landed on top of Nyx’s cage and she immediately went to greet him. When I got Blue back into his cage I noticed him puffing his chest and preening his feathers, almost like he was showing off.

While Blue was on top of Nyx’s cage they were pecking at each other, though it did not seem aggressive. Nyx clung to the top of her cage to be close to him, and when she noticed my watching them she faced me and yelled at me.

It seems a lot like mating behaviour to me but I don't want to believe it :( I already love Nyx so much so having to rehome her would break my heart, but we also don't have the space or resources to house them separately long term. And no, i do not want to breed them.

Can anyone help me understand their behaviours?