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Thread: Budgie not eating food.

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    Budgie not eating food.

    I recently moved my budgie to a slightly bigger cage. He has been in there for two days now and he hasnít really been eating his food. I have some Millet in there and he is eating that. But I donít understand why he wonít touch his food itís the same as it has always been.
    Everything else about him is Normal, playing with his toys and very talkative.
    Is he still adjusting to the new cage, or should I change his food to a different brand or will a vet visit be best?

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    Brand New Egg
    Ardeth Bey
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    Re: Budgie not eating food.

    I think this place is more than dead Amy. It seems a few years ago, there was always someone on here who could give helpful replies but unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. I posted a question quite aways back and cannot get one response.
    Possibly, everyone's budgie went pads up and everyone is in the depths of despair. I'm sorry I have no answer for you.

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