Hi, please kindly respond to my question because I don't have any proper avian vet near my location. The problem was my cockatiel got a problem in his lower beak since he was 5. It looked like a cavity in its beak. So I took him to the animal pet hospital as there is no proper avian vet hospital. They checked and gave me vitamin to add with water and give for 5 days. After taking that I saw it slowly getting cured after few weeks. But the cavity got cured but I saw a small gap between his beak and skin. Then some months later I saw my bird bleeding in his beak. Most probably due to the fight with its cage mate. After few weeks I saw that gap getting big slowly. So eating became really hard for him and he became very thin so I had to hand feed him and I tried that vitamin medicine. And gave him small seeds and no sugar biscuits which is easy to eat. Few days after giving the vitamin I saw the beak growing a little bit on the sides. But then the worst thing happened. His lower beak broken into two. Maybe due to a fight with his cage mate. But luckily one broken side is a bit big so he can still chew and eat. But I'm really scared whether it will get worse or not. Without knowing his problem he still singing, whistling, preening and also eating. Please tell me what can I do to prevent before the problem gets worsen. Sorry for my bad English. Please provide if there any solution or medicine. I want to see him healthy again. He is a talented cute bird.