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Thread: Hi Board

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    Hi Board


    Dan I saw your posts at EzHelp and decided to come check this out when you mentioned birds. Nice board!

    My group is a book chat community and we often talk about our pets, so I bet some of our members might be interested in your board. I'll mention it and post a link (we delete spam that's not book related, so it's better if I do it LOL.) Come check us out, and maybe we can exchange rings (as in ezboard ring that is!)

    As you can tell from my pic, I'm a doggie person, but I watch lots of birdies on my feeder and used to have canaries. If I'm not careful, you guys will talk me into a cockatiel won't ya?

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    Re: Hi Board

    Yeap, we sure will talk you into getting a cockatiel!

    Welcome to the board! I hope you post here often! I went to your board! It is very nice! I just added it to my ezboard ring!

    Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you back soon!

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