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Thread: finger Training your bird

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    finger Training your bird

    Hi, I am looking for some advice on finger training our tiel. Although he is hand trained he will fly to me on command and land on the back of my hand and he will step off his cage onto my hand np, feed from it ect.. though he does all this he is very frightend by fingers and will nip at them if they get to close.. he likes his head to be scratch thus we cannot use our fingers to do so, he will not step onto a finger.

    over the past 2 months he has gotten a lot better with this I am able to have my figners closer to him and do alot more movement with him not nipping but there is still lots of room for improvement..

    He has been like this since we got him, I am guessing something happend to him when he was young before we got him.. hopefuly he will get over this.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: finger Training your bird

    time time time! just coz he's scared doesn't mean something happened to him with hands, it could mean NOTHING has happened with hands and they just freak him out coz he doesn't know them! i know a tiel personaly that will never be hand tame i think. he'll accept arms, shoulders etc, but hands (unless in a clenched fist) are a big no no! lol. clenched fist used to be a no no too, so maybe (after another 3 years) he'll get used to a hand too! what we did was simple, he wasn't allowed out of the cage unless he was on a hand. full stop, end of story. so he got used to hands inside the cage, and once he got on it, he found he could get out! and after being stuck in the cage for a few days really wanted out too. try it, it might help? otherwise, it'll just take time. good luck!


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    Re: finger Training your bird

    thanks. I did however find a way that seems to be working rather well.. we picked up a new toy for him, this one has a bunch of string, beeds ect.

    I find playing with this toy when hes on the door helps him feel more relaxed with fingers/hands near by.. when you run your fingers through the string as if you are petting another bird he gets jelious and start nudging you with his head tips it down and wants you to scratch him, if I move slowly I do have some success with this now.

    So far this is the best way I have found and is working rather well..

    he likes his new toy as well plays with it often.

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