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Thread: clipping Wings.....

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    Nuts about tiels

    clipping Wings.....

    I just recently got a baby cockatiel its about 4-5 months old and the wings are clipped. The bird has really bad balance and the wings look like someone did a hack job it looks like someone cut way too much. Could this be why she cant balance right or could it be a mix of both age and balance.
    Also I clipped my other cockatiel and he has no problem if he falls he can land at least softly, she falls directly on the floor.

    Hope Someone can be of help

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    Re: clipping Wings.....

    I think it's more a matter of a young tiel. Beaky was a complete "klutz" when I got him and has just started to be more firm on his feet. As soon as he/she molts, the new wing feathers will grow in and they can be clipped properly. Also, he/she may not have had much of a chance to "fly". My two have their wings clipped and they have no trouble reaching from their side-by-side cages to my computer chair (where they like to perch while I am on the computer). They both were very young when I got them and they both were inexperiened with flight. It made for some very funny memories.

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    Nuts about tiels

    Re: clipping Wings.....

    Thanks for your help you have really made my worries disappear a little bit. I was really worried, because I find she/he also has a hard time getting to the food and water dishes. But I let he/she out a lot and play with he/she and make sure he/she is getting enough water and food. Also theres the two holes the nostrils I assume for their breathing? Well one is closed a bit it looks plugged a bit, but other than that he/she looks healthy. But I think that if she doesn't get better in about a week all bring her to the vet just to be sure that she/he is ok.

    I really find the pet shops do a crappy job of taking care of birds I'm about to go to the petshop for free on occasion just to make sure they have fresh water, food and a clean cage.

    Thanks Again ....

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    Re: clipping Wings.....

    ya can't clip wings too short really, but ya can clip too many feathers! the idea of wing clipping is so the bird can't fly UP at all, but can still land fine. if too many feathers are clipped, the bird will plummet, ya need to be careful he/she doesn't hurt it's self when crash landing! here's a link to the way i clip my birds wings: exoticpetvet.net/avian/clip.html it's easy to do your self, as ya can't sorta go wrong! just remember, clip only a couple at a time, and then test fly! don't worry, it'll only be a few months till he/she can fly again (and you'll know it's sex!)
    good luck!


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