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Thread: My tiel hates baths

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    My tiel hates baths

    I mist my tiel, Zoe, at least once a week with lukewarm water from a spray bottle, because I know she needs it, but she HATES it. If she's in her cage, she'll shrink back to the farthest away corner. Today I had her on top of her cage and even though her wings are well clipped she flew three circles around the room bouncing into every wall (I'll never try that again). I've tried putting her under a light shower spray, I've tried putting her under a sink faucet, and I've tried waiting until it rains or storms. I've put her in front of my Amazon to watch him take a bath to see if she'd get a better understanding. Nothing seems to get her over her fear. Has anyone else had this problem ? and if so what did you do about it?


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    Re: My tiel hates baths

    have you tryed giving her a bath? i mean, not a shower. a dish of warm water where she is likely to get nosey and take a look...... maybe a bit of lettuce floating in it or something to get her interest. just make it shallow especialy at first, so she can stand in it and only just get wet around her bottom. (she'll feel safer if it's shallow, she can bob down to get wet!) try it, her tiel curiosity should get the better of her! maybe being able to do it in her own time will help too......? i dunno, but i do know alot of tiels always have and always will hate showers, but love baths....... whereas some hate the baths and love showers!
    good luck, and tell us how it goes?


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    Re: My tiel hates baths


    I'll try the bath. I have tried putting a little bit of water in the sink before, but I suppose that was still kind of forcing her into it. I'll try with a shallow dish.

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    Re: My tiel hates baths

    Some birds need to warm up to it.

    None of mine liked it when I first started, and a couple just barely tolerate it now.

    They all seem to love it though, when I put t hem all outside on 95 degree days then mist them with the hose after a couple hours.

    You might also want to try misting/showering while it's raining outside.

    Oh! And don't spray directly at the bird, or mist directly at the bird, they hate that.
    Mist/shower so the water falls on them from above; it simulates rain and most parrots tolerate that a LOT better than a direct blast.

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