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Thread: Wing clipping?

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    Wing clipping?

    I am sure that most people know this but I am so new to this I can't seem to find out this answer. I have had my tiel about 1 week now and he seems to be flying a lot better than when I got him. How fast do the feathers grow? Or how often should I clip his wings? And since he has just now letting me hold him, how is the best way to clip them? And one more thing, How do you clip the nails on their feet? They are like little daggers.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Wing clipping?

    Wings need to be clipped about 2 times a year, after they moult.
    When the feathers fall out (moult), the new ones grow back in. They are not like hair, and just keep growing, once they are cut, they are cut.

    Since he is little, it may be he is learning to use his wings better

    Clipping means they cannot gain altitude; they should be able to glide to the ground. Once your bird is more at ease, he may attempt to follow you off his perches .

    Since you have never clipped wings, please have a vet/bird breeder show you how the first time. Questions always arise . They may let youdo one wing, and can point out anything that needs to be done differently. It should not cost more than $10-15. It will also make your bird less mad at you, since you will 'rescue' him from the evil person who is clippijng him. Most older birds have no problem with their owner clipping them, but since he is new, it is another reason to have somone else show you how .

    Feet should not be trimmed (nails I mean ) unless they are REALLY long. If he has clear nails, you can see the qucik (red/pinkish vein), which, like in dogs, you DO NOT want to trim past, or it will bleed. Same for black, but you cannot see it, it is best to have someone experinced show you then.
    Personally, I cannot control scrambling feet, and have my vet trim my budges; I have only had it done 3 or 4 times in 5 years.

    What helps me is that my bird is taken into the bathroom withme every morning/evening while I comb my hair, brush my teeth, etc. He has a brick which is HIS, and he knows it . He usually sits on the brick, and it wears down his nails (it does not wear them down, but it blunts the ends); it is only for 15-20 min. a day. This has GREATLY reuced the sharpness of them.

    Again, like with wings, I would have an AVAIN vet show you the first time.

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    Thank you

    I do appreciate the info. Ozzy (I finally named him) will need his wings done. I had the pet store clip them but obviously they did not do a good job. He flew off my shoulder and up to a curtain rod high above the sink. Than leads me to think he needs a little more work done on the wings. I will have someone else do this.

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