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Thread: I found a Tiel in my yard

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    I found a Tiel in my yard

    Hi everyone ... I just found a cockatiel in my backyard (nw minnesota) a couple days ago and am wondering a bit about her age / well being. I have had tiels in the past but my last one died a year ago. I feel almost stupid asking such idiotic questions but ... she won't make any noise above a very soft "peep" almost like a baby bird, and only tends to make this "peep" when she's eating. Also, when shes sitting on the perch the underfeathers of her wings closest to her tummy aren't actually feathers yet, they are more like sticks... am I right in thinking that she's a baby yet and her feathers haven't grown in?

    She doesn't seem to be able to fly, I had no problem catching her with a towel, but she's not fond of my hand by any means. She is not aggressive to me, she just wants to get away, no biting, no noises and she allows me to pet from outside the cage. I found her eating from my bird feeder (the seeds that dropped to the ground) and have no idea how long she'd been outside.

    BTW: I've named her Mime (mee mee) because she doesn't make any sound (well not much)

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    Re: I found a Tiel in my yard

    first i have to say, the ONLY dumb question here, is the UNASKED one! they're not dumb!
    well, that's a good find! age: well, there's no way to tell, you could have a baby, or you could have an adult.... the 'sticks' are blood feathers with their keratin casing, the casing will rub off and she'll have normal feathers! all feathers start this way. so, i just thought, is she dropping feathers? and does she have patches with no feathers? because no dropping of feathers and bald areas would likely mean a baby with all it's first feathers coming through, but if it's dropping feathers and it's body is totaly covered still, it's an adult and is just going through a moult.
    not being able to fly could be stress, or maybe her wings are clipped? or illness..... if her wings are clipped, i'd be thinking this is someones pet, and they're likely looking for her....... even if her wings aren't clipped, i suggest seeing if anyone is looking for her. you may already be in love and not want to give her up, but think about it, if you had your tiel and she dissappeared one day, you'd be eternaly grateful to ANYONE who returned her! so do check that out..... remembering that tiels can go a LONG way, especaily not clipped (so she may be exasusted too) so you'll have to check out any 'lost tiels' a long way away, just in case.......
    ok, i suggest not trying to pet her or ANYTHING for a week or so. simply change her food and water and clean her cage. she's stressed! she's obviously flown from someones house (ya don't get tiels in the wild anywhere but aussie) and in her eyes: tired, totaly different place, routine, people.... away from everything she's ever known. she needs time to settle in before you try to tame her. just talk to her and don't make sudden movements, etc. go about your normal routine so that she gets used to it..... give her time.
    the lack of sound could just be stress! alot of tiels make little sound anyway. but most tiels won't make alot of noise if they've just been totaly uprooted from everything they know! LOL. i bet ya she'll be making more noise in a few weeks!
    i bet ya she hsan't been outside more than a few days, maybe a week at the most. tiels can't survive outdoors there for that long. though the fact she had found the food on your birdfeeder shows she could have been out there for a while.... most tiels will never find food, (they don't 'learn from wild birds' as often thought) and the weather is usualy too much for them too....
    i think i've answered all the questions..... if not, just say and we'll answer! now i have a few questions for you! what colour is she? and does she have female markings (here i am calling her 'she' not even knowing if she IS female!!!)? take note that young tiels all have female markigns, and when they first moult, males take on their bright face...... so saying, you could have a young tiel still............
    anyway, i've written enough! best of luck, and get back to us!


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    Re: I found a Tiel in my yard

    I am also refering to her as a she as well, because she is marked as a female, although I know if she's a baby she could turn into a he. I never noticed these pointy stick like feathers on my other tiels, how odd. Wings aren't clipped from what I can tell.... and she's settled in pretty well, nothing seems to bother her in this house except for my dog moving in the same room.

    As for someone looking for her, I am well aware that someone may be missing her, we live in the country so the distance she's travelled has to be far, not like my next door neighbor could have lost her... cuz I don't have one. If I see an ad or hear of someone that has lost a bird I'll gladly return her.

    As for her markings, standard grey, dash of yellow on the head, pale orange cheeks, banded tail ... typical female markings but she is very very skinny and seems a bit smaller in height compared to my past birds. She is eating well and has been pooping normally. (Haven't caught her drinking yet) She's got all of her feathers from what I see, no spots showing skin, and hasn't lost but 2 feathers in 3 days, one tail feather outside in the yard and a breast feather when my dog stood up and she freaked. She has failed to groom herself however, she's got a few feathers that are out of place and she doesn't seem to care yet. I'm just hoping that she's not sick.

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    Re: I found a Tiel in my yard

    If you decide to keep her, I would recomend a trip to an avain vet. No telling what kind of nasties she could have picked up from other wild birds while she was wandering around outside. Just a thought.


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