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Photo Contest: Submit Picture

Thank you for deciding to submit a picture to the May, June, and July photo contests! Only one picture may submitted per member per contest month.

May theme: stretching birds!

June theme: bird wings!

July theme: fluffy birds!

Picture Submit Form

Note: Fields with this symbol are required: Required Field

Your Name Required
Your Email Address Required
Username (at the message board) Required
Picture for the Contest Required

In the above box, put in the URL (web address) for the picture at the Tailfeathers Pet Image Gallery.
Only pictures uploaded to the gallery will be accepted.
Name of Bird(s) in Picture: Required
For what month (May, June, July - if submitting one for each, please fill out one form per month)?: Required
Please make sure all required fields are filled in before submitting.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE SUBMITTING! Only pictures uploaded to our gallery (and fitting the theme AND un-edited) will be accepted.
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