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Tailfeathers is a great source for information as well as a fun place to both read and post about the interesting things that tiels do. I personally enjoy reading about all the different personalities these birds have. This is my first experience with a bird and I had NO idea that they were so personable. Tailfeathers has helped me learn a lot! Thanks to all the posters for all their help and stories!

The Tailfeathers Network is a network dedicated to birds, from finches to cockatiels to macaws. We are here to help all bird owners learn about their birds -- how to properly take care of them and more. Bird owners can get ask questions at our message board, view picures and submit their own pets' pictures to the gallery, read articles with great information and tips, learn how to make homemade bird toys, check out rescue birds, add biographies of their pets, chat with other bird lovers, and more.

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