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Toy: Beads and Cotton Swing (by TaffywDuck)

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Beads and Cotton Swing Toy Beads and Cotton Swing Toy

How to turn the ordinary into fun fun fun.

  • This one is actually a complete makeover of the swing that came with Baby's cage, but it is still quite simple to build from scratch...
  • You need a 1/2"-diameter wood dowel, about 5-6 inches long.
  • Have a capable adult pierce a hole at each end of the dowel.
  • Instead of the metal sticks seen on the "Before" picture, you can use rope that you solidly tie to the dowel. Make sure it is solid enough to support the weight of your bird.
  • String beads all the way to the top. You can alternate with funnily-shaped beads. For example, I used butterfly-shaped beads on mine (though you can't really tell from the picture).
  • When you have the appropriate height, tie a couple of string of cotton rope at the top.
  • To hang in the cage, you can add a quick link to each side. Make sure the swing is straight so the bird is comfortable on it.

Don't forget to read the toy material safety article before creating this toy!

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