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Toy: Flower Mobile (by TaffywDuck)

Flower Mobile Toy

Colorful AND interactive!

  • First, take 2 tongue depressors or popsicle sticks and make 3 holes in it, equally distanced.
  • Put some beads, buttons or wood shapes on a stick that's small enough to be secured through the holes in the tongue depressors/popsicle stiks.
  • It's more fun for the bird if the shape/button/beads can still move from side to side so take that into considaration if you have to drill a hole through the shapes.
  • Repeat until the toy is as long as you wished.
  • Once you have prepared all the sticks you wanted, secure them to the tongue depressors/popsicle stick by inserting a fabric flower and then a pony bead on each side of the mobile.
  • Add a hoop of twine or a C link on top of the toy and you're done :)

Don't forget to read the toy material safety article before creating this toy!

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