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Toy: Leather Heart (by TaffywDuck)

Leather Heart Toy

Ahh, love...

  • You need scrap leather for this. It should be vegetally-tanned 100% to be safe for the birds.
  • Cut a piece of leather in the shape of a heart -- it should be about 1" x 1".
  • Pierce a hole at the top and at the bottom of the heart.
  • Put a string of twine through the top hole and make a loop. This will serve as the attachment to put in the cage. You can add a quick link if you want.
  • Attach a piece of twine to the bottom hole and string beads and leather squares. You can use either plastic or wooden beads.
  • A bell can be added at the botton for even more fun!

Don't forget to read the toy material safety article before creating this toy!

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