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Toy: Rawhide (by TaffywDuck)

Rawhide Toy

Whoever said rawhide was only good for dogs was wrong!

  • Take a rawhide sandal (100% natural rawhide -- avoid the colored ones).
  • Attach a twine loop at the top; you can add a quick link there if you want.
  • Take about three or four inches (or more) of cotton rope (if colored it should be with food coloring) and attach it to the top of the rawhide sandal.
  • Knot twine on each side of the rawhide sandal and string beads (plastic or wood).
  • You can add more stringed beads if you wish -- just make sure that the twine is attached and is solid.
  • rawhide is very hard to chew through for smaller parrots such as cockatiels, so this makes for a very resistant toy. Only replace the string and beads when necessary.

Don't forget to read the toy material safety article before creating this toy!

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